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How to Intuitively Map Your Business Operations to Bring Your Wildest Visions to Life


In this engaging workshop + audit opportunity, Ari will walk you through a powerful method that uses your unique inner knowing + one of the most tried and true operations tools in the industry to help you get crystal clear on exactly where your operations needs some love, strategy, and real solutions.

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Applicable Insight Relevant to How You're Personally Designed

The 7 Strategic Objectives™ show up differently in your business depending on who you are, how your energy works, how you serve your audience, and what is most important to you. 


Get a Taste of Having a True Strategic Partner in Your Business

Ari's goal with this workshop is not just to show you where to look but to help you understand what your results in each area can say about you and your business growth. 

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"This kind of perspective or approach to getting more efficient, organized and effective and thus more profitable in my business is what I have been trying to figure out for myself!"

 ~ Mystral E. Live Worksop Participant

In this workshop, you'll receive instant access to the full recording, access to the workbook, and the opportunity for Ari to give you feedback on your 7 Strategic Objectives™ Ranking Results!


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Meet Ari Stewart

Hi, I'm Ari Stewart. I'm a Certified Operations Strategist to visionary, creative entrepreneurs. As an operations expert, I serve as a strategic thought partner to visionary entrepreneurs to help them grow and scale. But I like to think of that as my "formal introduction". 

I also love to introduce myself by what my zone of genius or gifts are. We’re all built differently–with different strengths, Zones of Genius, gifts, and things that come naturally to us and understanding these things about someone can really tell us more than just what they do for a living so this part is exciting. If you are familiar with the Enneagram, I am a type 5 which is the Investigator. One of my most prominent natural skills is being insightful and curious. I can look at a problem or a system and naturally see all the gaps and the solutions that could fill those gaps. If you’re familiar with Human Design, I am a Projector. And I love where these overlap because part of the wisdom of the Projector comes from seeing others, or systems, or concepts in a new way. I love to make things more efficient and streamlined. These are the skills that I bring to every business owner that I partner with and these are also the skills I’ll be leveraging on this workshop journey for us. I'll see you in there!

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