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Welcome to Intuitive Ops

by Ari Stewart LLC

At Intuitive Ops, we recognize that everyone is built differently—with unique strengths, Zones of Genius, and gifts. Our mission is to harness these diverse talents to serve your vision and help you thrive. This page is where you can learn more about us and our unique contributions to your mission.

Our Story

Founded by Ari Stewart, Intuitive Ops was born out of a passion for optimizing business strategies and systems, especially for entrepreneurs that are on this beautiful earth to follow their souls purpose and spread their unique message to make cosmic waves throughout the universe.

Ari’s personal journey with disability has honed her expertise in creating efficient, sustainable business practices that honor they cycles of our energy, maximize our joy and flow states, and leverage our unique gifts so we work smarter not harder. 

Being an Entrepreneur with a Disability Continuously Makes Ari an Expert at Business Efficiency. 


As a natural problem solver, being presented with the challenges that come with a disability and chronic genetic condition prompts Ari to improve strategies and systems every single day.

At the heart of everything we do (whether it's in our work leveling up small to mid-sized heart-based businesses or in organizing The Embrace Summit to support other individuals with chronic illness) is the core value of honoring your true self.

We believe that authenticity and self-acceptance are essential in both business and everyday life and making an impact.

Ari's mission is to create spaces and opportunities where individuals can embrace their true selves, find strength in vulnerability, and thrive on their own terms as an embodied entrepreneur.

Meet Ari Stewart.

As the visionary behind The Intuitive Operations Method™, Ari Stewart brings her unparalleled insight and innovative approach to every aspect of our services. Her natural ability to read people and situations allows her to design systems that foster ease and efficiency in both business and daily life.

  • Enneagram: Type 5 / The Intellect
  • Human Design: Projector / The Seer
  • DISC: S/I - Steadiness & Influence
  • Kolbe Score: (9-7-2-2) High Fact Finder & High Follow Through

Ari's dedication to authenticity and self-acceptance is the foundation of our brand, ensuring that every client receives personalized, impactful support.

Emily Muccianti

Ari has been incredibly helpful as I reevaluate the direction of my business. I now have a greater sense of direction in how to achieve my goals and serve my clients. I was so impressed at the way she was able to help me dig into my purpose, vision, and pain points. Ari was able to show me the importance of setting a strong foundation before launching into new areas. Each of our meetings had a clear purpose and maximized our time together. I am hopeful that I can now take my business to new heights thanks to Ari's support!

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to use our gifts to help you bring your vision to life. We believe in the power of authenticity and self-acceptance, and we strive to infuse these values into every aspect of our work.

Intuitive Ops has grown into a brand that encompasses a team of skilled professionals who share Ari's vision and commitment to excellence. Our certified Directors of Operations (DOOs) deliver our unique Intuitive Operations Method™ to clients, helping them streamline their processes and achieve their business goals. Our Project Managers and Kajabi Experts help you manage the inns and outs of your business every single day.

We are here to help you improve things and make them more efficient. 

We are here to add a ton of value to your life & business by guiding your projects towards your biggest goals in a way that is sustainable and accommodating to who you truly are and helping you feel great about it!

Ready to get started?

If you're ready to elevate your business with the support of Intuitive Ops by Ari Stewart LLC, we invite you to schedule a call with us today. Together, we'll create a roadmap to success that honors your vision and values.

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