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What is the Strategic Mapping Model™

The Strategic Mapping Model™ is a high impact process and service that was crafted by the leading company in online business operations for entrepreneurs (and it's woman-owned/founded!) 

It can only be delivered by a Certified Director of Operations (like me – Ari Stewart!)

The Strategic Mapping Model™ has served thousands of entrepreneurs from 6 - 8 figures in crafting a robust strategic operational plan and includes: 

~ Lovingly auditing every area of your business
~ Crafting a strategically organized, detailed, Visual Dashboard for the whole next year of what you're launching, what you're bringing to life, and what you're improving in your business. 
~ Bringing depth, magic, and a true path forward for the 7 Strategic Objectives™ of your business.
~ Helping you cut through the noise and walk away with true clarity, direction, and a plan.

This is for you if...

This is not designed for those brand new to business. It’s not a business plan and it’s not a project list. This is a deep dive, a strategic solution, and a loving audit of every facet of your successful business through 7 Core Strategic Objectives™. 

We get everything out of your head and into mine. Through expert strategic though partnership.

This process is reserved for entrepreneurs that:

  • Already have a successfully proven offer/course

  • Already have an established ideal audience

  • Have already made at least one hire/outsource in the past

  • Are now focused on growing, scaling, creating community, and furthering the reach of your core message.

What Makes Ari Different.

You are a dynamic soul & an expansive heart-centered being. You need someone who sees you for more than just the reports, the revenue goals, and the efficient systems.
You need someone who sees you for your heart, for your purpose, your Emotional Intelligence, your inner wisdom, your zone of genius, and your truth-spreading mission.

I’ve worked on the behind-the-scenes of radical entrepreneurs that have shared their gifts and generated a collective $8 million+ in revenue and reached over 890 students on every continent around the world. And they did it all without abandoning their life/motherhood, without betraying who they truly are, and without watering down their voice. And you can trust that I'll support you in doing the same.


This really is my passion.

The Strategic Mapping Model™


✨ What's Included:

  • 4 Week Intensive Service
  • 4x 1 on 1 Hour Long Zoom Meetings Lead by Ari Stewart
  • Done for You Strategic Mapping™ Processing, Arranging, and Planning Behind the Scenes
  • Unlimited Access to Ari Between Sessions
  • Communication access to Ari for 90 days from the purchase date for continued strategic thought partnership, accountability, and support.
  • BONUS: Complementary 10 hours of VA work from a trusted VA in my network.

✨ What's the End Result:

  • Clarity: Get everything out of your head and into Ari's mind! We'll identify the solutions that fill every gap in your business.
  • Direction: Know exactly what to focus on and when to bring all your dreams to life. Feel steady and confident and never over-commit your weeks again!
  • Visual Plan Dashboard: A beautiful, color-coordinated place where all of your ideas get organized, arranged, and integrated into your strategy from the "big picture" down to the project details!
  • Control: We identify the gaps, outline the solutions, map out the projects, and arrange them strategically to give you CONTROL over the outcomes of your vision & dreams in business.
  • Integration & Real Results: As a successful entrepreneur, you have experience tackling your biggest dreams head-on and thinking, "This works BUT there's got to be a better way." The Strategic Mapping Model™ is that better way. Get ready to change everything and reach for your wildest goals & vision!
  • Strategic Partnership: Fully invite Ari into your world as a Strategic Thought Partner and leverage the full power of having a right hand integrator that knows you and cares as much about your business as you do.
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You have the ability to book our calls whenever is convenient for you and I highly recommend booking 1 per week. You can book them one at a time or schedule them all in advance. Our calls are 1 hour long, recorded zoom calls where I will lead you through this entire process, and let you know how to prepare for each phase!

I take care of setting the pace and the focus for us. This is such a fun process and can be particularly enjoyable if you are used to taking care of everyone else before yourself (or all of your clients businesses before your own)! We focus on the goal of clarity, direction, and a plan. We hone in on relieving all the pain points and gaps for YOU and your business. This is YOUR time. Let's do this!
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