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I'm So Excited to Help You With Your Needs.


You let me know that what you need most right now is a well rounded, highly skilled Virtual Assistant who can enthusiastically supplement your current back end team with some of the projects that need an additional hand.

We know that you currently have the most need in Q1 and Q2 so you need someone that can be flexible enough to provide help when and where it's needed. 

Some of your biggest needs were:

~ Graphics and Designs
~ Landing Pages & Tech Support
~ Marketing Emails & Email Marketing Platform Management
~ Light Social Media Management
~ And Similar Tasks

I would be honored to match you with a Virtual Assistant that can meet all of your needs and more!


Optional Strategic Support...

I strongly believe it would serve you and your goals to have access to a 1:1 Strategy Session with me where we can do a deep dive, create strategic solutions, and loving audit every facet of your successful business ideas through one of the 7 Core Strategic Objectives™. 

When you partner with me in your business, we get everything off of your plate and onto mine.

 My tried and true methodology is The Strategic Mapping Model™. This is a high impact process and service that was crafted by the leading company in online business operations for entrepreneurs (and it's woman-owned/founded!)

When we have the dedicated time to sit down and dive in, we can:

~ Lovingly auditing the most important area of your business
~ Crafting a strategically organized, detailed, Visual Dashboard for the next quarter of what you're launching, what you're bringing to life, and what you're improving in your business. 
~ Bringing depth, magic, and a true path forward for one of the 7 Strategic Objectives™ of your business.
~ And help you cut through the noise and walk away with true clarity, direction, and a plan!

What Makes Ari Different.

You are a dynamic soul & an expansive heart-centered being. You need someone who sees you for more than just the reports, the revenue goals, and the efficient systems.
You need someone who sees you for your heart, for your purpose, your Emotional Intelligence, your inner wisdom, your zone of genius, and your truth-spreading mission.

I’ve worked on the behind-the-scenes of radical entrepreneurs that have shared their gifts and generated a collective $8 million+ in revenue and reached over 890 students on every continent around the world. And they did it all without abandoning their life/motherhood, without betraying who they truly are, and without watering down their voice. And you can trust that I'll support you in doing the same.


This really is my passion.

Let's Discover Which Option Would Serve You Best.

Virtual Assistant Matching Package Only


✨ What's Included:

  • 10 Hours of Virtual Assistant work performed by a professional provided by Ari Stewart LLC

  • 90 Days to use the hours

  • Flexible Communication and Meetings with Your Virtual Assistant

  • Right Match Guarantee (If the Virtual Assistant is unable to perform the duties/services, or is unresponsive/non-communicative for more than seven calendar days, we'll match you with someone else!)

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Strategy Session with Ari + Virtual Assistant Matching Package


Payment Plans Available

✨ What's Included:

  • Everything included in the Virtual Assistant Matching Package, PLUS...
  • 1-on-1 Hour Long Zoom Strategy Session Lead by Ari Stewart
  • Done for You Strategic Mapping Model™ Process which can include: Auditing, Arranging, and Planning Behind the Scenes
  • BONUS: Unlimited Messaging Access to Ari For 7 Days After Your Strategy Session for continued strategic thought partnership, accountability, and support.
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After you review this proposal, your next step is to click the button below to complete your invoice, fill out your information on the next screen, and then sign your agreement all in one place. You'll be immediately emailed a copy of your signed contract and then be on the look out for a welcome email with the next steps! 


If you choose to do a Strategy Session with Ari, you have the ability to book your call whenever is convenient for you. The call is 1 hour long and recorded in Zoom calls where Ari will lead you through this entire process, and you'll walk away with a Strategic Mapping Model™ Dashboard with your fleshed out and organized plan!

You'll be matched with one of the highly skilled and fantastic Virtual Assistants on Ari's team and you'll maintain all your creative freedom and control. Being supported by an online professional can be particularly enjoyable if you are used to taking care of everyone else before yourself (or all of your clients businesses before your own)! You and your new VA will hone in on relieving all the pain points and gaps for YOU and your business. This is YOUR time. Let's do this!
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