What are Entrepreneurs Saying About Partnering with Ari?


"Ari Stewart has been a godsend for me and my business on Kajabi."

"As an entrepreneur ready to scale, Ari was a true answer to my prayers. She has helped with SO much more than I could have initially imagined. I'm thrilled to say that in my first year of partnering with Ari, this past year, has been my biggest sales year so far and I know I couldn't have done it without the support of everything Ari offers. She's just all around lovely. I couldn't recommend her enough."

~ Emilee Saldaya: Coach and Entrepreneur Trailblazing the Authentic Midwifery Revolution

"I had been searching for a program that would give me the handholding I needed to give my business the final push."

"Ari came at just the right time as I had just finished another intensive training. Ari was welcoming, professional and very detailed. In fact, the example I used was, to give me the recipes and program just like a dietician would. And she delivered! Everything was very organized in a way that didn't feel overwhelming. I am so excited to put into practice this program and see the results in 2024!"
~ Amy bush: Salon Owner and Curl ArchiTexture Educator

"I now have a greater sense of direction in how to achieve my goals and serve my clients."

"Ari has been incredibly helpful as I reevaluate the direction of my business. I was so impressed at the way she was able to help me dig into my purpose, vision, and pain points. Ari was able to show me the importance of setting a strong foundation before launching into new areas. Each of our meetings had a clear purpose and maximized our time together. I am hopeful that I can now take my business to new heights thanks to Ari's support!"

~ Emily Muccianti: Entrepreneur and Reading Intervention Specialist

"Ari has quickly become an instrumental part of our business operations."

"It's such a pleasure working with Ari Stewart. She is highly organized possesses fantastic communication skills and technical know-how alike. Her experience and expertise in so many online platforms, such as Kajabi, Active Campaign and now Circle just to name a few has made Ari has an essential component to growing our small business over the last year. She is an absolute delight to work with."

~ Heather Wise: Gut Microbiome Health Coach and Entrepreneur

"Ari has the rare ability to confidently lead a strategy session without making you feel rushed or judged."

"She's personable and empathetic and has a really strong understanding of online businesses. Ari's questions helped me get crystal clear on the vision for my business as well as non-negotiables that I previously wouldn't have paid attention to. After working with her on defining the Mission, Vision, and Values for my business, I feel more confident in my ability to attract and serve my ideal clients. If you're a business owner who has been going through the motions without taking a step back to gain clarity on your vision, mission, values, and strategic objective, I can confidently recommend working with Ari."
~ Simone Ovbiagele: Founder of UNDASHED

"Ari skillfully identifies and tames all the wild moving parts of your business."

"The way she moves through the¬†Strategic Mapping Model‚ĄĘ¬†process is subtle yet powerful because she puts you back in charge of your¬†business without feeling overwhelmed. Her insightful questions, coupled with her calm demeanor, create a welcoming and brave space to fire up your creative and problem-solving gears so¬†you are positioned for maximum growth. If hiring support for your¬†online business is on your mind, don't wait or think about it‚Äď‚ÄďHIRE Ari right now!
~ Margaret Olatunbosun: Entrepreneur and Nursing Supervisor

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