{Workshop} Client Outreach Method

Potential clients LOVE this outreach method!

Most of the time, if a client is not interested, they will respond with:

“I love your message and your energy”, OR “I love your hustle, thank you for your email.” OR “I am not ready for a VA / I already have a VA.” OR “I love your video. You definitely made it more personal than most!” OR Simply, “No, thank you. I am not interested but I’ll keep you in mind when I have that need!”

So if you were worried that people would be upset with you for bothering them, just know that most people that decline, will tell you that they appreciate you reaching out and thinking of them.

The ‘check back later’ section is only for clients who responded specifically asking you to check back at a later date or next year.

I don’t want to waste another second for you. Go ahead and try this out right now. Your first task is to source at least 50 potential clients and send them your initial pitch!

Make sure your pitch email includes a video or a photo of your face if you’re just getting started, and a link to your website where clients can see your packages and some terms of working with you!