About Ari

We’re all built differently–with different strengths, Zones of Genius, gifts, and things that come naturally to us. I’m so thrilled that you’re interested in what mine are (and particularly, how they will serve your vision in our work together!)

Being an Entrepreneur with a Chronic Illness Continuously Makes Me an Expert at Business Efficiency.

As a natural problem solver, being presented with the challenges that come with a Chronic Illness prompts me to improve strategies and systems every single day. But that’s simply how my story begins. At this point, I see that the unique cards I’ve been dealt are a true gift! And I use this gift every single day to fuel my purpose.  

“I highly recommend working with Ari. She’s reliable and is always in a good mood! And she’s a great problem solver. She’s somebody you can go to and say “I don’t know how to figure out this issue” and she’ll come back with a great answer or great questions!”~Dr. William, PsyD, Former Buddhist Monk, Meditation Teacher, & Course Creator

My purpose is to use my gifts to help you bring your vision to life.

I’m here to tweak, improve, and make things more efficient. 

My mind is naturally attuned to reading people and situations, devising systems that create more ease in business, and designing new ways of doing things.

I’m here to add a ton of value to your life & business by guiding your projects towards your biggest goals and helping you feel great about it!

“Ari Stewart has been on my team for three years now. She has greatly impacted my business. I don’t know what I would do without her. I hope to work with Ari for a long time and I really couldn’t have scaled my business in the way that I have if I didn’t have her by my side.~Emilee, Coach & Course Creator Spearheading the Midwifery Revolution

My soul craves being the integrator of your vision.

My primary gift is seeing things in ways that others can’t. When you’re in the weeds of your business, it can be easy to feel consumed or overwhelmed with running it. Because of my vantage point and my unique gift of observation, I have the ability to gain insight and total clarity on what your systems & processes need to thrive.

“I’m excited about getting started and working together! I’m confident you’ll bring a wealth of knowledge and value to myself, the team, clients, and company!” ~Jena, Career Strategist & Course Creator

I’m an expert at understanding systems and how they could work better for you.

We all have particular areas or subjects that we see clearly – even if everyone else doesn’t. Mine is systems (automations, funnels, processes, designing programs, customer journeys, organization, tech, and operations. They’re all systems – and I love them!) 

They absolutely fascinate me. I could easily learn about or talk about systems all day. I apply my gifts to these topics daily, and it lights me up to see each and every time my zone of genius makes huge impacts in my clients’ offers & businesses.

I’m here to help your business & your online offers work better and function with ease. If you’re ready to receive my strategic support, I’d love to have a call with you.

“Great call this morning. Very excited 🙂 If possible, we would love to meet again next Thursday morning so we can focus on short term weekly goals and you can help hold us accountable for what we need to deliver each week. Thank you for keeping us on track also. Much appreciated!” ~Nicola, Financial Consultant, Fractional CFO, & Coach

I naturally spend tons of time learning, developing, designing, and refining my genius.

In that way, I really do come to care about your systems, your business, your offers, and your clients very deeply as your strategic thought partner. My mind naturally wants to strategize, process, organize, invent solutions, consider systems and how they could serve you in the future. I can’t help it. It’s in my DNA!

“Thank you Ari, that was a great session and I’m excited to move forward working with you. I went ahead and scheduled our next Zoom call!” ~Sara, MD & Life Coach for Physicians

More About Ari:

✨ Mother to a four year old.
✨ Living in the lake-side town of Huntersville, NC.
✨ Loves painting, singing, and being in nature.

Enneagram: Type 5 / The Intellect
Human Design: Projector / The Seer
DISC: S/I – Steadiness & Influence
Kolbe Score: 9-7-2-2 (High Fact Finder & High Follow Through)

My Zone Of Genius Is Being The "Connecting Catalyst' Of Your Success.​

It's the energy I bring into everything I do. Solutions and insights often seem to come to me naturally. I create the connections between the abstract & the tangible, the idea & the integrated reality, the wish & the actualization. The types of connections that will surface a variety of solutions that will contribute greatly to your business. It's what makes me the perfect reflector of your insight, the perfect space holder for your projects, and the perfect facilitator of your growth & goals! If you’re ready to invite me into your world, book a call with me.