Business Ops Strategist & DOO to Revolutionary Online Course Creators

✨ “Growing pains” & lost revenue in your online course business happen when your programs & operations aren’t set up to support your growth.

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Oh hey there Course Creator, Founder, & CEO!

Can I take a guess at why you’re here? 

You’re building your business on transformative courses & programs because you are the best person to teach what you teach in your niche. Your business does not rely on you being an operations strategist + KPI expert + team development genius + magical guru of all things project management. You are grounded in what you do and how you make an impact for your students and customers. But you have the intuitive feeling that all the things above are either lacking or just plain missing and causing your online business to feel less than professional.

Don’t let this lack of operational strategy block the flow that you crave in your business. 
"Ari Stewart has been a godsend for me and my business on Kajabi. I’m thrilled to say that my first year of working with her has been my biggest revenue year so far and I know I couldn’t have done it without the support of everything Ari offers. She’s just all around lovely. I couldn’t recommend her enough!"
Emilee S.
Hi, I’m Ari Stewart

Business Operations Strategist and Fractional DOO + Lover of Online Courses & Programs!

I work as a Director of Operations to Online Course Business Owners who value holistic, transformative online programs. I dive deep with you as your strategic partner to help you create massive waves of change AND make a 7-figure profit.

As a DOO, I am a strategic partner in your business.

I manage the day-to-day operations and projects of your business by overseeing your departments, team members, and strategic vision. My focus is keeping a finger on the pulse to help you achieve your goals while protecting your time and attention as the CEO!

I am your:

  • Problem-Solving Partner
  • Dream Project Manager
  • Trustworthy Team Liaison
  • And Your Secret Weapon!

You’ll finally be able to trust someone with Strategic Planning, Hiring, Day-to-Day delegation of tasks, team management, project management & problem-solving, financials, KPIs, and your growth goals!

For four years, I’ve worked exclusively with coaches and course creators on some of the most transformative and impact-driven online course businesses on the internet.

I’ve studied under some of the biggest names in the online course and online business world like Marie Forleo, Amy Porterfield, Danielle Leslie, and Natalie Gingrich.

I’ve helped clients generate over $4.2 million in revenue and reach over 650 students around the world with carefully crafted Operations Strategy and Management.

**Certification will be complete in 2023

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Keynote to Course is the complete guide to turn the message you already stand for into an online course. 

Learn the step-by-step process Ari Stewart uses to help Keynote Speakers create passive income and massive impact. 

What are people saying?

About working with Ari

"Thank you so, so much for all of your help and support, Ari. I really appreciate all your expertise!"
Christine R.
"Ari, I'm getting chills! I really appreciate the way you are communicating with me. I really appreciate the way you are so efficient and timely in keeping things going. I'm so happy! I'm going to be also referring you to my friend Rebecca. I told her about how amazing you are!
Elizabeth S.
"Ari was right there to answer all of my questions and give me all the feedback I needed! I feel so confident in her abilities and expertise."
Sarah P.

Sound familiar?

If developing the operations side of your online course business so that it stands out in the online space & shows your students that you are a leader in your industry and niche sounds like a pipe dream....

Then I’m here to make your dream come true. I partner with you to curate the quality, the customer experience, AND the internal operations strategy that gives your course and your entire business the foundation for the success of your brilliant ideas.

"It's such a pleasure working with Ari Stewart. She has quickly become an instrumental part of our business operations. Her experience and expertise has made it seamless to incorporate her into our organization. Ari has been an essential component to growing our small business over the last year. She is an absolute delight to work with."
Heather W.
"Ari Stewart has been on my tam for three years now. She has greatly impacted my business. I don't know what I would do without her. She's super on it and she is very easy to work with. I hope to work with Ari for a long time and I really couldn't have scaled my business in the way that I have if I didn't have her by my side."
Emilee S.
"I highly recommend working with Ari. She's reliable and is always in a good mood! And she's a great problem solver. She's somebody you can go to and say "I don't know how to figure out this issue" and she'll come back with a great answer or great questions!"
Dr. William J.

Work with me:

Strategic Operations Overhaul Consulting

I live and breathe the operations side of customer experience and operations for online course businesses! I partner with CEOs in this 1-on-1 Consulting Intensive to craft an intuitive Operations Strategy that solves your unique barriers!

Strategic Business Growth Consulting

In this 1-on-1 Consulting Intensive, we focus heavily on all 7 objectives in my Strategic Mapping Model™. This adds brilliant strategy to your online course business from a holistic growth standpoint. We'll apply this unique trademarked method to create a strategic operational and growth plan that will calibrate your entire business.

Online Course Strategy Development

In this 1-on-1 Consulting Intensive, I partner with you as your Strategic Thought Partner and Online Course Strategy Expert, properly crafting a plan to develop an online program that multiplies your reach and transformation, fits holistically int your business as a whole, and helps you scale to 7 or 8 figures!

As a leader, CEO, and founder, you are a visionary. You have a natural inclination towards creation and big ideas. Oftentimes that zone of genius lacks the organizational or project management skills to bring these big ideas to life. 

Your big ideas have a hard time being thoroughly communicated to your team, broken down into an actionable plan, or honed into something that becomes real.

That is why a visionary works so well alongside an operations strategist like myself.

So if you feel like you’re “flying by the seat of your pants” in your business…

If you feel like your visionary mind is too fast, furious, (and sometimes all over the place) to see things through in the way you hope. 

And if you feel like your business lacks operational structure and everything feels down to the wire, less than professional, or last minute…

Working with me through The Strategic Mapping Model™ will help you:

  • Get everything out of your head into an organized plan of action. 
  • Understand the real state of your business.
  • Help you confidently make decisions in the future.
  • And calibrate your entire business to tie the strategic vision to the day to day activities.

As the leader of your business, you are guiding everything towards a particular point in the future – Whether you know where that is or not! Every business, no matter the size or revenue, is made of seven key strategic objectives. When these seven strategic objectives come together they can create a map of where your business is now and where you are guiding it – Giving you the chance to course correct if needed!

Partnering with me as your guide through this strategic operational exercise shows me that you treat your business with the same respect as some of the largest and most successful companies in the world, and that you care about your business’s future.

In this process, we meet multiple times one on one and we start with the big picture. We’re going to look at every facet of your business and I’ll guide you through the (pretty powerful) work of gathering the details, ideas, desires, and experiences of your operations so that we can collaboratively build a prioritized annual and quarterly plan that fine-tunes your business.

At the end of this multi-session process, both you and your team will be clear on what your next steps are and we’ll also have laid out what projects need action to achieve success.

You’ll be able to get everything out of your head, get it strategically organized by me, and walk away with an organized plan to take action. No more wondering if you’re team is going in the right direction, if your goals and objectives are clear enough for the team to carry them through, or if your plan will actually lead you where you want to be in the future.

That is why this is the first work that I do with founders & CEOs. The Strategic Mapping Model™ has given thousands of businesses a succinct framework that brings clarity, direction, and a plan.

And, you’ll not only have a plan, you’ll have a location for that plan in a custom online dashboard I create for you that tells you exactly what projects you need to focus on and when you need to focus on them to reach your goals.

As an Operational Strategist, I serve as a fractional strategic partner to established online business owners that focus on wellness & personal development through digital products, courses, and programs.

We may be a great fit if:

  • You are no longer a “one person show” in your business. You have at least one or two team members or independent contractors in implementation, assistant, or task-attacking roles that help your business run.

  • You care about feedback and know why your customers love your business (ie, maybe you have testimonials, case studies, feedback, or client love from previous customers).

  • You have more than one income stream in your business and (in large part) these are digital products, courses, and programs.

  • Your online business has a defined niche and audience and you lean into coming from a place of truly serving.

  • You are a business owner that is ready to invest in a relationship with an experienced strategic partner. I focus on serving business owners that are ready for someone to dive deep into their operations & business strategy so that I know I can bring real impact to your business.

Let’s get started. 

Click here to apply to work with me 1 on 1. 

We’ll book an intro/discovery call to see if we’re a good fit.

Got questions? feel free to email me at: